Motivation to work from home

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Since graduating 3 years ago i have found myself in and out of working trying to figure out one of life's hardest questions, What do you want to be when you grow up? Does anybody actually know the answer to this? If you do then you should feel very lucky! All I do know is that I want to work in Fashion, it's what I have a degree in and its what I have the biggest passion in, my only problem is, I don't know what I want to do in Fashion! Teach, Design, Write, Style, open my own store..... I have already tried my hand at a few of those and I think one of the biggest things holding me and many others back is self doubt, will i be any good at it? will I make a living from it? will people just tell me I'm stupid and to go and get a proper job? However you cannot live your life in the fear of what other people think as you will soon start to regret your decisions.

A year ago I decided to set up my own online store selling affordable fashion for women, I'm not making anywhere near a full time salary from it, however I enjoy doing it in my spare time and its something that I want to grow into a full time business so that one day It will be my full time job. Working 5 days a week means that my days off I just want to spend doing nothing but catching up on TV, although I know that is not going to help me if I want my hobby to be my career. I know a lot of people feel the same so i thought I would share some of my tips to getting motivated to work from home.


The image I have when I think of working from home is Carrie Bradshaw sitting on her bed in her chic underwear typing away on her laptop writing her latest column. In reality though this is not how it works. I know from experience that sitting in bed with your laptop only encourages procrastination. I find it a lot easier if I get out of bed the same time as I would any other day and shower and dress as if I were going to work. Staying in pjs does not make me productive!


I still live at home so unfortunately do not have the luxury of my own office at home, I do though have a desk in my bedroom. If ever I am not feeling like working from home, I always like to tidy up my desk area and maybe even my room as you know what they say, 'a tidy space is a tidy mind' and that is soo true, for me anyway. I just cannot work in mess! Some mornings I might spend 5-10 minutes tidying up my room and then sit at my desk with a mug of coffee and begin my day.


Somedays I can really be motivated and could be on my laptop for about 10 hours a day, other days I really have to push myself to even open up my laptop. I used to get really angry with myself on days when I didn't get anything done however thats life sometimes you just need a 'Me' day and just chill out, sometimes I find later on in the day I might get something done. Even if it's a small thing at least it is something to tick of your to do list and its all about moderation. You're still one step closer.

I hope these few tips have helped as they have definitely helped me. I may just do an updated one in a month or so. So if you have any of your own tip or would like help on specific areas let me know!

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