Minimalist Styling

Minimalism is something I have really been looking into a lot lately. Having such a hectic life at the moment leaves me with little time to organise and plan outfits, I can spend all morning standing in front of my wardrobe waiting for an outfit to jump out at me, which almost never happens, eventually making me rush for work or waste half of my day deciding what to wear. In order to make my life a lot more productive and make myself feel a lot calmer I have decided to take to Minimalist approach to not only my wardrobe but to also my life.

For christmas I bought my Mum the book The Life Changing of Tidying Up, which I'm sure by now everyone has heard about. I am still yet to read it, as I feel gradually transitioning will be a lot easier for me, also in some areas of my life I am a complete hoarder and know that it will take time for me to fully purge in those areas. 

Starting off with my clothes, one of my main goals at the moment is to create a capsule wardrobe. Investing in good quality pieces that will last me season after season, will go with the other pieces that I own and also I will be totally in love with and not just buy as its 'on trend'. Im probably not going to be too strict on myself just yet and start off slowly. One of the first things to do when creating your capsule wardrobe is to find your style, the best way to do this for me is to get onto Pinterest. I have many different boards that really help with inspiration and motivation. 
Below are just a few images that are really inspiring me with Minimalist styling. 



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