Lisa Perry - Autumn/Winter 14/15

Today is officially known as 'blue monday' the most depressing day of the year. We are approaching the end of January which means all the credit card bills are starting to come in, (did i really spend that much for christmas!!) we have given up on the New Years resolutions already and its cold and gloomy outside. Luckily Lisa Perry's latest collection is made to help overcome these daunting days. 

The oversized cocoon silhouette  helps hide away the post christmas bulge, because lets face it how many of us have actually been to the gym in the last few weeks, while the bright green brings some much needed colour to the grey january days. The trapeze dress is so exaggerated at the back that it makes it look like the model is wearing a cape making the collection much more pulled together and sophisticated rather than slouchy casual wear. 


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